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Hydrogen peroxide has an antiseptic effect, it is used for treating open wounds. The product is also popular in folk medicine, especially according to the methods of Ivan Neumyvakin, doctor of medical Sciences and an adherent of alternative medicine. This approach involves the use of hydrogen peroxide in dilute dosages for whole body health, including the destruction of viruses. This approach has not been confirmed scientifically, but even today, folk medicine lovers use the drug according to Neumyvakin's recipes.

The accelerator is created to support start-ups in the field of space technologies. The key areas of development are Mars colonization projects - preparations, space-flights and extraterrestrial basing. We deal with start-ups on the pre-seed and seed stages.

During the acceleration, we work intensively with start-ups to bring them to the point of development investors require. We also help them to arrange the next rounds of financing.

Our community of business-angels select commercially viable start-ups brings practical benefits to humanity on its to the colonization of extraterrestrial space.

On the platform, investors will see the achievements and progress of different projects, invest in them and communicate with other users of the website.

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I can’t build space crafts, rockets or become an astronaut. Nevertheless, I can invest in this field and together with like-minders take part in conquering of the Red Planet already.
Ian McMiller
general partner
The idea of Mars conquering has been in humans’ minds for a long time. Get2Mars is the project which lifts the veil of space travels. It is a good opportunity for those who think about starts.
Julia Bloom
Get2Mars is one of such platforms worthy to invest in. The space industry is an extremely important stage for humanity. Due to these projects our generations have the possibility to see stars sooner.
Max Davis
Investment in space flights projects makes the dreams come true and we will see them brought to life through the window of a spacecraft in several years.
Alexandr Vasiliev

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