← Russian company will build a reusable rocket

Engineering technology

Laros, private company from Russia,  announced the construction of the first reusable missiles in 2020. According to the company's owner Oleg Larionov, there are a line of light-class launch vehicles for launching satellites.

The first suborbital rocket will be a single-stage carrier with a thrust of 500 kg and the ability to output about 200 kg. The engine will run on a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and kerosene. The company will launch Laros RN-1 this year. The rocket will be brought to an altitude of 130 km to practice landing. The process will be exactly the same as that of the Mask: start, output to altitude, turn and landing. The 17-meter carrier will launch from a trailer similar to mobile platforms for missiles.

One launch will cost about $3 million. Development of reusable missiles is carried out at the expense of Larionov's funds.

In may 2019, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, also announced the start of construction of a reusable launch vehicle that will run on methane and will be able to put up to 9 tons into orbit.

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