The pandemic COVID-19 will dramatically change the world

Turkish President Recep Erdogan believes that Western countries were not ready for the COVID-19 pandemic. The leader have the opinion the whole world expects changes in the political, economic and social spheres in the future.

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Coronavirus: immunity against the epidemic

How to reduce the risk of getting coronavirus? Remote work, a minimum of social contacts, contactless delivery of products and goods - these measures help us reduce the risk of getting sick and infect others, but they do not help the body become stronger. Get2Mars has gathered some tips for you on how to help your body during the epidemic, strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from viruses.

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Hydrogen peroxide is an affordable antiseptic during a pandemic

Antiseptics, masks or respirators are a common set of megalopolitan resident who follow recommendations of the World Health Organization during a pandemic. However, the coronavirus is not only transmitted by airborne droplets. It persists on the surfaces of objects for up to 9 hours — on the door handle, a handrail in the subway, an elevator button, the steering wheel of a rented car, and much more. Besides it’s important that social organizations sanitize and sterilize surfaces in public places, and people carry out a wet antibacterial cleaning of the house. The most affordable medication, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, is hydrogen peroxide.

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